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Security Factor

SolidKey Quartz

Introducing the Solidkey Quartz - your dependable shield in the digital realm. This durable security key, with its USB-C connectivity, ensures seamless integration with a variety of modern devices. With the Solidkey Quartz, enjoy the assurance of robust protection, encompassing the strength and reliability reminiscent of its namesake mineral.

Solidkey Obsidian

Meet the Solidkey Obsidian - your robust, versatile ally in digital security. Crafted from durable metal, it's designed for daily use, ready to withstand life's rigors. With a universally compatible USB-A connector and optional adapters for USB-C and iPhone, it ensures your data remains secure across any device. Secure your digital life with Solidkey Obsidian - the epitome of strength, compatibility, and resilience.

SolidKey Diamond

Embrace the Solidkey Diamond, your ultimate fortress in the digital world. This biometric security key features USB-C connectivity and can be adapted to various devices, offering unparalleled security. With the Solidkey Diamond, you hold a unique and enduring defense against digital threats, reflecting the strength and longevity of its namesake.

SolidKey Opal

Introducing the SolidKey Opal - the epitome of advanced, convenient digital security. This elite, pass-sized device houses biometric features, USB-C charging, Bluetooth, and NFC capabilities. Whether you need to secure your digital world or access your office building, the SolidKey Opal is your all-in-one solution. Like the gem it's named after, the SolidKey Opal shines with versatility and strength.

SolidKey Emerald

Experience the Solidkey Emerald, your secure gateway in the digital landscape. With its dual USB-C and NFC capabilities, this durable security key provides seamless integration with modern devices and secure mobile transactions. Rely on the Solidkey Emerald for superior digital protection, echoing the luxury and quality of its gemstone namesake.

Solidkey Garnet

Meet the Solidkey Garnet - your compact defender in the realm of digital security. With its low-profile design and USB-C connectivity, this security key seamlessly integrates with modern devices without adding any bulk. With the Solidkey Garnet, ensure robust protection for your digital assets, echoing the resilience and versatility of its namesake gemstone.