Port Security

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USB A Port Blocker Kit - 10 Port Blockers & Key

Blocks access to the USB Ports with a keyed Insert

Network Port Blockers - 10 Blockers & Key

10 Network Port blockers and the key to open them

Network Cord Lock - 100 Locks & 2 Keys

100 Locks & 2 Keys Lock the Network Cable into the Port, Prevent people from removing easily

USB C Port Blocker - 10 Blockers & Key

USB C Port Blockers to prevent unauthorized cables being plugged into your devices.

Serial Port Blocker - 5 Blockers & Key

Block Serial Port Access without a key

USB Data Blocker

Plug into any Port knowing that No Data can possibly pass as this adapter only allows Power to Pass through, no data

USB C Data Blocker Adapter

Block Data when plugging into unfamiliar charging ports.