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Solidkey Obsidian

Meet the Solidkey Obsidian - your robust, versatile ally in digital security. Crafted from durable metal, it's designed for daily use, ready to withstand life's rigors. With a universally compatible USB-A connector and optional adapters for USB-C and iPhone, it ensures your data remains secure across any device. Secure your digital life with Solidkey Obsidian - the epitome of strength, compatibility, and resilience.

SolidKey Sapphire

Discover the SolidKey Sapphire - your trusted shield in digital security. This hardy, feature-packed security key offers USB-A connectivity and NFC capabilities, along with optional adapters for USB-C and iPhone. With the SolidKey Sapphire, enjoy wide-ranging device compatibility and a superior level of online protection. Secure your digital world with elegance and resilience, reminiscent of its namesake gemstone.

SolidKey Gold

Discover the Solidkey Gold, your trustworthy ally in digital security. This durable, metal biometric security key with its USB-A interface ensures seamless integration with a wide array of devices, safeguarding your digital assets. With the Solidkey Gold, step into a realm of reliable and premium digital security, echoing the timeless value of gold.