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SolidKey Sapphire

Discover the SolidKey Sapphire - your trusted shield in digital security. This hardy, feature-packed security key offers USB-A connectivity and NFC capabilities, along with optional adapters for USB-C and iPhone. With the SolidKey Sapphire, enjoy wide-ranging device compatibility and a superior level of online protection. Secure your digital world with elegance and resilience, reminiscent of its namesake gemstone.
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Presenting the SolidKey  Sapphire, a plastic security key that masterfully combines resilience with technological sophistication. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this device ensures an impressive lifespan, all while enabling unparalleled digital security.

The SolidKey Sapphire offers robust protection against online threats, safeguarding your personal information and digital assets with powerful FIDO/U2F features. Its state-of-the-art design encapsulates cutting-edge encryption technology within a durable plastic shell, providing a reliable line of defense against cyber intrusions.

The innovation doesn't stop there. This security key comes equipped with USB Type-A connectivity, offering wide-ranging compatibility across a multitude of devices. Furthermore, it also integrates NFC technology, making it a breeze to secure your mobile transactions as well.

But what sets the SolidKey Sapphire apart is its adaptability. With available adapters, you can extend its protective features to USB-C interfaces and iPhones, ensuring comprehensive security coverage regardless of the device in use.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with the SolidKey Sapphire, a testament to durability, advanced technology, and versatile functionality. Equip yourself with the Solidkey Sapphire, and navigate your digital life with confidence.

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InterfaceUSB A, NFC
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