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Solidkey Obsidian

Meet the Solidkey Obsidian - your robust, versatile ally in digital security. Crafted from durable metal, it's designed for daily use, ready to withstand life's rigors. With a universally compatible USB-A connector and optional adapters for USB-C and iPhone, it ensures your data remains secure across any device. Secure your digital life with Solidkey Obsidian - the epitome of strength, compatibility, and resilience.
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Introducing the Solidkey Obsidian, a robust metal security key that embodies strength, reliability, and unparalleled compatibility. Our designers crafted this device from resilient materials to endure the daily grind without compromising its performance or function.

The Solidkey Obsidian is more than just a tough exterior. It offers formidable digital security features, specifically designed to shield your sensitive information from potential threats. This Hard Metal Security Key acts as a bastion between your data and the digital world, a robust guard that fortifies your cyber defenses.

The brilliance of the Solidkey Obsidian lies in its universal adaptability. Equipped with a USB Type-A connector, it boasts extensive compatibility, seamlessly integrating with an expansive range of devices. From the latest high-end machines to legacy systems, the Solidkey Obsidian transcends boundaries, delivering versatile performance and profound security.

Plus, its flexibility doesn't end there. Thanks to optional adapters, you can easily extend the functionality of the Solidkey Obsidian to USB-C ports and even iPhones, ensuring that you're never left unprotected, irrespective of the device you're using.

Strong, dependable, and adaptable, the Solidkey Obsidian is the ideal blend of rugged durability and superior digital security. Invest in the Solidkey Obsidian, and secure your digital world with strength akin to its namesake.

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SolidKey Quartz

Introducing the Solidkey Quartz - your dependable shield in the digital realm. This durable security key, with its USB-C connectivity, ensures seamless integration with a variety of modern devices. With the Solidkey Quartz, enjoy the assurance of robust protection, encompassing the strength and reliability reminiscent of its namesake mineral.