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SolidKey Opal

Introducing the SolidKey Opal - the epitome of advanced, convenient digital security. This elite, pass-sized device houses biometric features, USB-C charging, Bluetooth, and NFC capabilities. Whether you need to secure your digital world or access your office building, the SolidKey Opal is your all-in-one solution. Like the gem it's named after, the SolidKey Opal shines with versatility and strength.
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Step into the future of digital security with the SolidKey Opal, an elite security device that redefines versatility and convenience. Similar in size to a standard building security pass, this slim yet powerful tool fits easily into your pocket or on a lanyard, making it your perfect companion for secure digital access on-the-go.

At the heart of the SolidKey Opal is a state-of-the-art biometric feature, offering unrivaled personal security by leveraging the uniqueness of your fingerprints. This feature ensures that only you have the power to access your digital world, offering peace of mind in an ever-increasingly connected world.

The Solidkey Opal doesn't stop at just biometric security. It's equipped with USB-C for charging, ensuring its readiness whenever you need it. Furthermore, it's equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for seamless, wireless interfacing with a multitude of devices.

To cap it all off, the SolidKey Opal also integrates NFC technology, providing an additional layer of convenience for secure mobile transactions. Its versatility extends even further, allowing it to be used as a building security pass or for other contactless access needs.

The SolidKey Opal stands as the pinnacle of our product range, combining cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly form factor. With the SolidKey Opal in your hands, you're holding a powerful, multi-faceted gem of digital security.

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Key Features
InterfaceUSB C, Bluetooth, NFC
Security FactorFingerprint